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Drug Rehab in Fort Lauderdale
Professional drug addiction treatment center designed in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Fort Lauderdale rehab is created for people who are tired of passive existence. For those who decided to start life from scratch, recovering from the diseases of our cruel age – drug addiction and alcoholism, the facilities give a second chance. During treatment, the patient should feel comfortable and therefore much attention is paid there to the internal arrangement of the premises. They provide food that takes into account the specifics of the patient’s disease, under the full supervision of a dietitian.

The Fort Lauderdale rehab facilities provide comprehensive therapy at all levels, including physical and psychological. The minimum course of treatment is 7-10 days, the optimal is up to 1.5 months. Of course, the Fort Lauderdale rehab is primarily not an excellent comfortable room, not high-quality food and interior, but a high level of specialists with many years of experience in combating the drug and alcohol addiction.

The entity’s main goal is to individually select a treatment program, not to affect only the symptoms, but to solve the problem that brought the person to them comprehensively. In order to achieve maximum results in solving the issue, the patient for some time should remain face-to-face with the doctor and trust him completely. The specialists of the Fort Lauderdale rehab believe that a person can guarantee the quality of life without addiction only himself. And doctors and psychologists are ready to go next to the patient along this difficult path, constantly supporting and guiding him.

Services of Drug Rehab in Fort Lauderdale, Florida is:

  • Individual approach

An individual approach to each patient, taking into account his anatomical and physiological characteristics, personality type, characteristics of the development of the disease, concomitant diseases, and complications.

  • Confidence of the patient to the doctor

The maximum success of treatment completely depends on the trust of the doctor, only under this condition drug rehab specialists can help in solving your problem.

  • Protection against harmful influences

Protecting the patient from his usual environment not only to prevent a breakdown but also to give him time to relax from the problems and stresses surrounding him.

  • Phased treatment

The full course of treatment includes 3 main stages:

  • Removing physical dependence (detoxification);
  • Relieving symptoms of mental addiction (craving for drugs, alcohol);
  • Supportive therapy.
  • Full confidentiality

The delicacy of the problem is often an obstacle to seeking medical help. In this regard, Fort Lauderdale rehab facilities guarantee complete confidentiality of information about their patients.

Drug Addiction Specialist in Fort Lauderdale
Our Addiction Specialist in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Main Advantages of the Drug Rehabilitation Center in Fort Lauderdale:

  • Modern drugs

They use the latest and most effective medications while working with patients.

  • Complex therapy

Specialists of the center apply to combined therapy, including relief from psychological dependence and the physical condition.

  • Highly-qualified professionals

Fort Lauderdale rehab has highly qualified specialists with many years of experience in the field of treatment of drug and alcohol addiction.

  • Psychologist’s work with relatives

Psychologists conduct group-therapy for the patient’s relatives.

  • Comfort

There are cozy spacious rooms, perfect cleanliness, and the kind-hearted attitude of staff for the most comfortable stay of the patient in treatment at the center.

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🙆‍Can I go to Fort Lauderdale Rehab?

We are confident that one treatment will be enough. However, each patient can be re-treated in our center.

👩‍⚕️How is drug addiction treated at Fort Lauderdale Drug Treatment?

Naturally, a unique treatment program is selected for each patient. In our country, drug addiction can be treated with both behavioral therapy and medication.

🙋‍What should I take with me to the Fort Lauderdale Drug Treatment Center?

In fact, nothing unusual and only the most necessary. You can find out the list of necessary items by phone on the website.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Can I see visitors at the Fort Lauderdale Drug Treatment Clinic?

We usually do not receive visitors at our drug treatment center in Fort Lauderdale, but everything will depend on the patient’s condition and at what stage he is at the moment.

💵How much does Fort Lauderdale Drug Treatment cost?

The cost of treatment at Drug Rehab Fort Lauderdale will depend on which treatment program our specialists prescribe for you. This is an aggregate price that depends on many factors.

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