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Rehabilitation Center in Fort Myers
Professional drug addiction treatment center designed in Fort Myers, FL

The main activity of drug rehab Fort Myers is the introduction and development of new medical technologies and techniques in the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction. The team of experts is competent practitioners with many years of experience in medical practice. In their work, they comply with the principles of the unity of diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases.

The entity is a reliable partner in the provision of medical services, it guarantees a high level of service and an individual approach to the treatment of each patient. The convenient work schedule, comfortable and cozy atmosphere, and reasonable prices – all this will help you to get medical help from the center with high quality and quickly.

Fort Myers rehabilitation center specialists have experience in treating thousands of patients with the integrated use of various methods of treatment of the addiction, a purely individual approach to each patient on the basis of diagnosis and with the use of deep cleansing of the body. The specialists of the drug rehab Fort Myers have several medical specializations (psychotherapy, neurology, psychiatry), and their qualifications are confirmed by relevant certificates.

All the doctors underwent lengthy special training by the authors of the methods, and also constantly improve their medical skills. Thanks to such thorough preparation and control, the professionals of Fort Myers rehabilitation center are proficient in modern medical techniques and can provide highly effective care for many complex diseases. 

Positive feedback from the patients is always addressed to this center, and they, in turn, promise to treat patients with confidence and constantly improve their skills and professionalism.

Services of Drug Rehabilitation Center in Fort Myers

In the drug rehab Fort Myers, the patient will receive high-quality and effective care:

  • Guaranteed withdrawal from hard-drinking – on an outpatient basis or in a center setting. The treatment of binge drinking is carried out with the use of special, expensive, highly effective drugs. Unlike conventional treatment, a milder way out of binge is provided;
  • Effective help with a drug withdrawal syndrome.

The facility also offers its patients a comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation program for:

  • male and female alcoholism;
  • the addiction on opiates, heroin, methadone, coaxial, ephedrine, pseudoephedrine, marijuana; depending on sleeping pills and painkillers;
  • sleep disorders, alcohol, and drug depression;
  • assistance to co-dependent relatives.
Drug Addiction Specialist in Fort Myers
Our Drug Addiction Specialist in Fort Myers, FL

Additional Services Provided by the Professionals of the Fort Myers Drug Rehab Center:

  • Carrying out detoxification therapy, i.e. blood purification;
  • Restoring the impaired functions of the nervous system and liver through the use of special programs developed in the drug rehab Fort Myers in close collaboration with leading neuropathologists, gastroenterologists and hepatologists;
  • Examination of the patient’s body (electrocardiogram, general and biochemical blood tests), and, if necessary, identification concomitant diseases that a person could acquire throughout life and normalize the body as a whole.

Complete Recovery Offers from Fort Myers Rehabilitation Center:

  • physiotherapy;
  • electrosleep, laser therapy, acupuncture;
  • manual and hardware massage, water therapy;
  • psychotherapy with certified practitioners;
  • sports therapy and art therapy.

For the entire period of treatment, the drug rehab Fort Myers guarantees the complete anonymity and confidentiality of the patients.


The center is located at 2264 Winkler Ave, Fort Myers, FL 33901, USA.
In drug rehab Fort Myers you can pay in any way convenient for you, including cash.
Treatment for various types of addiction lasts different times and the duration of treatment is individual.
The drug rehab Fort Myers employs the best professionals who have already helped many people cope with addiction.
The drug rehab Fort Myers allows you to visit your family and friends.

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