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Alcohol & Drug Addiction Treatment Center in Sarasota 

Drug Rehab in Sarasota
Professional drug addiction treatment center designed in Sarasota, FL

Rehab Facilities in Sarasota fl are found almost on every corner but Harvest House may offer something more than rehabilitation. It is a nonprofit organization aimed to develop and preserve affordable treatment. They accept homeless families, military men, veterans, youth, and adults who have had or now struggle from substance abuse or even who have a history of incarceration. The Drug Rehab Sarasota model is designated to make such programs supportive and resultative so that all patients can revitalize and stabilize their lives.

Services for Patients of Sarasota Drug Rehab Center

Family Services. The center offers temporary or permanent supportive housing for homeless or emergency shelter. The program is created to organize weekly classes for parents, life-skills training, special events and outings for children, and other meetings that can help people overcome hard times.

Youth Services. Are you 16-24 years old? And, you have a history of various types of abuse, parents with addiction or you became homeless. Drug Rehab Sarasota youth programs will help to get out of these situations and become a productive member of their community and society. The staff helps to show life without drug and alcohol abuse and develop forming the targets for the future.

Addiction Services. Residential recovery. Quit your opiate addiction. Harvest House has 115 beds for patients on its campuses to provide them with onsite treatment. The standard course consists of nine-month of residential care and one month of aftercare. However, the course can be extended or shortened depending on the recovery plan of individuals. The experts will start counseling, organize group therapies, fitness and nutritious plans including yoga classes and meditation. Besides, the psychologists work on promoting the career and work placement goals and financial literacy. If needed, at Drug Rehab Sarasota, a patient can learn parenting skills and undergo emotional intelligence therapy. At last, all the patients visit sexual health and wellness classes.

Veteran Services. For those military men who struggle with returning to civilian life. There are programs to teach them to live without traumas, acknowledge their loss and get rid of the depression and insomnia. If needed, some specialists will help to cope with drug and alcohol abuse in veterans. And, a patient will revitalize and find hope.

Life Enrichment Classes. For people who struggle with a lack of financial literacy that makes them bound to poverty and substance abuse. 

Besides, this Drug Rehab Sarasota helps to find a job for those who have successfully finished the treatment and are ready to serve society.

Admission Information of Sarasota Drug Rehab Center

Drug Addiction Specialist in Sarasota
Our Drug Addiction Specialist in Sarasota, FL

Addiction services may cost up to $150 for women and $200 for men per week. However, they also offer options for those who are without funds but the free spaces are limited. To start recovery, it is advisable to fill in their application form indicating personal information and medical history. Veteran programs are paid per day however only for basic food items, housing, and public transportation. Note, the family visits are welcomed for the top results in the treatment.

For more information, refer your inquiries to the Drug Rehab Sarasota email: info@harvesthousecenters.com or call them at (941) 953-3154.


In our clinic, you can only smoke in the designated areas. Smoking is prohibited during therapy.
You can pay for treatment in Drug Rehab Sarasota FL in a convenient way for you, including by credit card.
Addiction treatment in Drug Rehab Sarasota FL can take several months, depending on the type of treatment that suits you.
You can become a patient at Drug Rehab Sarasota FL from the age of 18.
Drug Rehab Sarasota FL is a licensed addiction treatment center.

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