Drug Rehab West Palm Beach

Rehab for Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment at Drug Rehab Center in West Palm Beach:

Drug Rehab in West Palm Beach
Professional drug addiction treatment center designed in West Palm Beach, FL

At this West Palm Rehab, patients can get sustainable recovery. The center offers a wide range of long-term treatment programs such as for dual diagnosis and solutions to quit addictions. Among the most popular services, an individual can undergo medical detoxification, one-on-one therapies, wellness and family programs, and trauma recovery for veterans and adults. And, their holistic solutions attract people who believe that music and horses are the best healers.

Specialty Services and Offers of West Palm Beach Drug Rehab

Long-term treatment at Beachway starts with counseling with several dedicated experts. They determine the duration of a recovery course depending on the patient’s condition and medical history. The substance abuse predetermines a few approaches to treat it. The staff will be more than happy to organize group sessions to discuss the problem, music and art classes, and even equine and psychodrama therapies. Besides, this Drug Rehab West Palm Beach welcomes patients with mental health disorders who abuse and families who want to change their life for good.

Regarding designated programs found in the rehab, patients may apply for:

  • Substance Use Disorders Treatment. Heroin, Opiates, Cocaine, Crack, Valium, Xanax, and others;
  • Detox and Stabilization. For patients who suffer from acute alcoholism. Besides, for clients who require a higher level of supervision, Drug Rehab West Palm Beach offers 24 hours of medical detox with residential services;
  • Faith-based Rehab. Christians may go deeper into a spiritual world and find out the foundation of all the problems that lead to the addiction;
  • Aftercare programs. Life-skills, education, family counseling, employment, and other solutions to change the path of life after fighting the abuse;
  • Depression, Anxiety and Bipolar Disorder Treatments. Nutritional, medicinal approaches. And, art therapies for any patients who cannot get rid of long-time illnesses with a book-methods;
  • Withdrawal monitoring programs. They are designated for individuals who suffer from insomnia, rapid heartbeat, fatigue, excessive sweating, irritability.

At last, drug treatment center west palm beach offers patients to choose SMART Recovery. It is a program aimed to strengthen healthy and rational habits and behavior after recovering from the addiction. Moreover, it will contribute to critical and smart thinking that before was distorted by drugs or alcohol.

Clients who want to dedicate some time to their health and beauty may also use the SPA services including massage, chiropractic care, hair salon, manicure, and pedicure. These services are included for patients who pass recovery courses. However, for beauty procedures at Drug Rehab West Palm Beach, small fees may apply.

Drug Rehab West Palm Beach – Admission Information

Drug Addiction Specialist in West Palm Beach
Our Drug Addiction Specialist in West Palm Beach, FL

Most of the insurance plans may cover the financing of programs or recovery treatment. Drug Rehab West Palm Beach accepts insurances such as Value Options, Aetna, Humana, UnitedHealthCare, Blue Cross. The final cost will include food and housing, all amenities in the center, medical supervision, holistic treatments, and all kinds of therapies. Such services as inpatient care along with detox may cost up to $650 per day. Outpatient care separately will be $200 up to $350 per day. Note, a doctor will finalize the cost after a full examination of patients.

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Drug Rehab West Palm Beach


💊 What percentage of drug addicts relapse after drug rehabilitation in West Palm Beach?

We have not yet admitted a single patient. We are dedicated to the quality of our treatment and our service.

What age groups are treated at the West Palm Beach Addiction Clinic?

At our West Palm Beach, Florida rehab center, only patients 18 years of age and older are treated.

👍Where are the best rehab centers in West Palm Beach?

You can find our best rehabilitation center in West Palm Beach at 1701 Clare Ave.

💰How much does drug addiction treatment cost in West Palm Beach, Florida?

The price usually depends on which treatment the client prefers. We select several types of treatment suitable for the patient.

🩺What is inpatient drug rehabilitation in West Palm Beach, Florida?

At West Palm Beach downtown, this means you are under the supervision of our doctors for one to three months. This is a very successful treatment.

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