Largo Rehab is a Clean Life Center Detox Programs for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Drug Rehab in Largo
Professional drug addiction treatment center designed in Largo, FL

A Clean life is a Largo rehab facility that specializes in medical detoxification procedures for addicted patients. They offer a safe and nurturing atmosphere for those who want to start their recovery. The staff is professionals with many years of experience in the field of addiction. This center guarantees confidentiality and treatment with kindness and compassion. Fresh and healthy foods from the Florida markets. Beautiful warm location, a center is just a few minutes away from the top beach in Clearwater. 

Available Services at Our Rehab Center in Largo

A typical recovery program at Largo rehab Clean Life will encompass individual and group therapies, discussions, medication management. Then, all the patients are 24/7 monitored and provided with nutritious meals aimed to replenish the power in the body when cutting down the intake of drugs and alcohol. Besides, every day they can visit the gym, yoga and stretching classes. The goal of the whole program is to offer patients top-quality detox. Largo rehab center provides patients with free initial consultations and insurance verification. They accept major insurance plans such as Humana, Aetna, BlueCross, Tricare, UnitedHealthcare. Other offers are:

  • Art Therapy;
  • Acupuncture;
  • Nutrition Education and Management.

Largo Rehab is a perfect place for those who need confidentiality and security. Another program is for co-occurring disorders or else called dual diagnosis. Patients who have more than two disorders at once. And, 12 step recovery. It is a well-known solution to treat addictive and dependent behaviors. A patient will undergo the steps of admitting his problem or dependency, believing there are solutions, asking forgiveness, and helping others to struggle with the same conditions. It will contribute to personal growth and honesty, and sobriety in making the decisions.

The smart recovery program is one more approach for understanding and treating each stage of addiction. Only after acknowledging them, successful treatment is guaranteed. 

Drug Addiction Specialist in Largo
Our Drug Addiction Specialist in Largo, FL

How can Detox Help in Drug Rehabilitation?

The Largo rehab main specialization does not only consist of detoxification for any addiction. The doctors designated specialized formulas for alcohol, opiate, cocaine, heroin, benzo, Vicodin detoxes, and many more. The counselors are ready to submit your application 24/7. After that, you will be examined by the doctor and he will appoint your individual duration of the detoxification. Usually, detox lasts 3 up to 5 days in their inpatient facility. A patient will take prescribed medications and undergo holistic treatments. After, comes a recovery period that is created to prepare patients mentally and physically for life without abuse. If needed, a center offers a transition into an inpatient or outpatient recovery.

Is Detox Covered by Insurance?

Clean Life accepts together with insurance plans, scholarships. To find out your eligibility for covering the fees, fill out the form online, and one of the experts will contact you back. For those who do not have insurances, the center offers various financing and payment plans. Other options can be discussed in person or online. A sober life is waiting for you.

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👨‍⚕️What drugs are there at Largo Rehabilitation Center?

We strive to show that a drug-free world is much better, which is why we use the best treatment programs to combat addiction.

💰How much does the Largo Drug Treatment Center cost?

There are several treatment programs available at our Largo Rehabilitation Center. We select the program individually for the client. More information by phone on our website.

👩‍⚕️How long does the treatment at the Largo Drug Treatment Center take?

The average duration of stay in our clinic under the supervision of doctors, up to a month with a successful recovery.

🤩Where are the best rehabilitation centers and facilities in Largo Center?

It is at this address that the best rehabilitation center is located in Largo 501 E Bay Dr, FL 33770.

🥳What to do in Largo after drug addiction rehabilitation?

At our rehab in Largo, we believe that after rehab, it is best to live a happy, drug-free life. Many of our patients find an interesting job and purpose in life.

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