Drug Rehab in Pompano Beach

Recovery From Addiction Through Personal Growth with Drug Rehab Center in Pompano Beach

Drug Rehab in Pomano Beach
Professional drug addiction treatment center designed in Pompano Beach, FL

Banyan Pompano Beach Rehab is one of the leading centers for detoxification. It offers this program for a variety of substances and for patients who struggle with mental health issues. Along with that, there are sessions to meet challenges caused by addiction and alcoholism. And, individualized care for people who are desperate to live a sober and healthy life. 

Services and Programs of The Pompano Beach Drug Rehab

Being accredited and affiliated with Pompano beach drug rehab, the patients have access to various programs provided by specialists in the medicinal sphere. 

Monitored Medical Detoxification. Heroin, Alcohol, Opiate, Prescription Pill, Benzo, Cocaine, Meth Detox. The professionals will monitor you 24/7 to overview withdrawal symptoms and results. The duration of detox varies on individuals, their age, and their health condition. After completing the course, there is aftercare treatment and an individualized plan to start living sober.

Intensive Inpatient Treatment. 24-hour care, therapeutic sessions, and access to support and motivational groups. This treatment usually follows after the detoxification course. It helps to get rid of seductions and a desire to go back to the addictive life.

Residential Treatment. Program for those who only completed a detox course. It fits patients who have depression, anxiety attacks, alcoholism and substance abuse, dual diagnosis. At Pompano beach drug rehab, you have the opportunity to additionally visit pet and equine therapies, cognitive-behavioral sessions with psychologists, biofeedback. 

Addiction Treatment for LGBTQ. The center offers a safe place for members of this community, a mutual understanding, and complete tolerance. There are housing for transgender people and a friendly environment where no one ever will judge someone. In fact, some of the facilities also have doctors or nurses who are representatives of the same community. Thus, you can feel safe and understood. 

Partial Hospitalization. Sober living housing atmosphere and 24-hour care from the physicians. After passing counseling and medical examinations and procedures, patients may come back home and start living to the fullest. In between the sessions, individuals stroll at the parks, use sports facilities, and beach.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment. Pompano beach drug rehab program is designated to teach addicted people to come back to society, find a job and build a relationship. Regularly recovery meetings, and a slow but safe transition to a sober life.

Mental Health Program. Anxiety, Schizophrenia, depression, and others. Recovery from trauma, and personalized care for people who can no longer cope on their own with problems.

Stabilization Program for Addiction. Pompano beach drug rehab two weeks program for relapse incidents. 

Faith in Recovery. Christianity approach to get rid of bad habits. Sessions aimed to awake the faith needed to be strong and find hope.

Alumni Programs. The course for successfully treated people who want to stay in touch with the same community. Ongoing events, sessions, and meetings to promote a sober and healthy lifestyle.

What about Insurance Coverage in Pompano Beach Rehabilitation Center?

Drug Addiction Specialist in Pomano Beach
Our Drug Addiction Specialist in Pompano Beach, FL

The Pompano beach drug rehab accepts major insurance plans such as AETNA, AmeriHealth, BlueCross BlueShield, Beacon. Those who do not have insurance or other problems with paying may feel free to contact them to discuss alternative methods. To start your treatment, you can submit the online application form found on the website, otherwise, call them at 6575-95784-856.

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