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Drug Rehab Center in Jacksonville FL
Professional drug addiction treatment center designed in Jacksonville, FL

The drug rehab Jacksonville fl provides comprehensive treatment in the fight against any kind of addiction. They treat patients of any degree of complexity and stage of dependence and give a guarantee of a positive result. Their professionals use a variety of therapeutic methods to cure the patients. Each of them gives effective results, thanks to which patients again find the meaning of life. The main condition for treatment in the drug rehab Jacksonville fl is a voluntary desire to get rid of drug addiction.

Jacksonville rehabilitation center does not pass on the data of its patients to anyone. If desired, medical care in the center will be carried out on exclusively anonymous conditions. The clinic is an incredible opportunity to get competent treatment and the hope of recovery.

Services Offered by The Drug Rehab Jacksonville, Fl:

  • Drug and alcohol addiction treatment;
  • Rehabilitation after drug and alcohol addictions;
  • Withdrawal from the binge;
  • Constant contact with the former patients and their loved ones.

The curing methods include a comprehensive application of biological treatment and social rehabilitation of patients. For each patient, they select an individual program. The organization provides treatment not only for drug addiction and alcoholism but also for mental illness.

The Jacksonville Rehabilitation CenterThe Main Stages of Treatment:

  • Detoxification and support of the basic functions of the body. The result of the procedure is the normalization of the work of internal organs, resuscitation of the brain, and normalization of metabolism. Without detoxification, it is almost impossible to get a person out of a prolonged binge. When selecting curing methods, specialists take into account the patient’s age, stage of alcoholism or drug addiction and the presence of concomitant diseases;
  • Recovery of impaired functions of the patients’ bodies and work towards reaching the sustainable emotional state of the patient. It combines the use of medical devices and psychotherapy;
  • Psychopharmacotherapy – a comprehensive treatment of a person with an individual selection of medicines and its subsequent correction by a doctor. Also, it involves the patient’s regular visits after discharge from the drug rehab Jacksonville fl.
  • Medical and social rehabilitation implies a system of medical and socio-psychological measures aimed at helping the revival of lost public relations, personal relationships and social status of a person, creating an enabling environment to restore its adaptive functions.

The specialists of Jacksonville rehabilitation center claim that achieving the desired maximum positive result is possible only with the full passage of the complex treatment and prevention of relapse. The desire to be treated and awareness of the degree of complexity of the disease is one of the main indicators of a successful recovery of the patient.

Drug Addiction Specialist in Jacksonville FL
Our Drug Addiction Specialist in Jacksonville, FL

Only Qualified Specialists at Rehabilitation Center in Jacksonville

The best employees of drug rehab Jacksonville fl take care of patients of any degree of difficulty, select the individual approach to each patient and provide educational, psychological, moral and social support to patients not only at the time of hospitalization but also in subsequent stages.

The Advantages of Jacksonville Rehabilitation Center:

  • 24/7 operation;
  • Individual approach to each patient;
  • The professionalism of specialists;
  • Flexible prices for the services.

In addition to the main treatment complex, the services of the facility include:

  • psychologist consultation;
  • sports and creativity;
  • social adaptation.

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🩺 Is Drug Rehab Jacksonville FL a licensed alcohol and drug treatment center?

Yes, Our Drug Rehab Center at Jacksonville FL is licensed to provide substance abuse treatment by the Florida Department of State Health Services.

🌎 Where is Drug Rehab Center at Jacksonville FL located?

The address of our Drug Rehab Center at Jacksonville FL is 5958 Saxony Woods Ln.

💊 How effective is drug addiction treatment at Jacksonville Rehabilitation Center?

The main goal of our Jacksonville Rehabilitation Center is not only treatment for alcohol and drug addiction, but also the full restoration of a patient as a person.

👌 What happens at drug and alcohol rehab in Jacksonville FL?

At our drug and alcohol rehab center in Jacksonville, FL. We treat our patients very carefully and professionally. You do not need to worry about anything.

💸 How much does drug rehab at Jacksonville cost?

The cost of drug rehab in Jacksonville will directly depend on the treatment program that suits you best. In our center, all treatment programs are individualized for each patient.

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