What is Lean and How is it Side Effects?

Published on: 1 June 2020
What is Lean and How is it Side Effects?

Some cold medicines, which are available with or without prescription, contain psychoactive ingredients, which, in excess of doses, affect a person’s consciousness. Recently, they have also been abused. These medicines may contain expectorant and antihistamines, which become dangerous in high doses and are also addictive (lean drug).

Most often, people abuse cold medicines that contain:

  • Dextromethorphan (DXM). This is an expectorant that is part of many over-the-counter cold medicines. In doses exceeding the norm, it causes euphoria and dissociative sensations (purple drank effect).
  • Codeine. A number of cough syrups contain that substance (codeine cough syrup). It is an opioid that suppresses cough, in excess doses, it relaxes and causes euphoria. 
  • Promethazine. Cough syrups may also contain promethazine HCI (promethazine codeine lean), an antihistamine that acts as a sedative. And, although, such syrups are available on prescription, abuse of them has also increased in recent years.

Due to the fact that these medicines can easily be bought at pharmacies without a prescription, young people who want to experience a state of altered consciousness are often abusing cough syrups containing DXM (dextromethorphan lean). Recently, a narcotic substance called lean, also known as a purple drank, has been very popular. One of the variations of the lean drug is cough syrup mixed with alcohol.

What Is Lean (Purple Drank)?

The lean drug has recently become especially popular, which cannot but cause sadness. It is unfortunate, but it was the mass pop culture that made this lean drug poison even more sought-after than ever before. In particular, rap artists who “glorify” lean in the lyrics of their songs contribute to this. One of the most commonly used names for this drug is also a purple drank. This substance is a mixture of codeine cough syrup, soda, candies, and, in some cases, alcohol.

Those who want to apply lean sizzurp, use for their purposes both over-the-counter and prescription cough syrups and/or other cold medications. The main ingredients that addicts are interested in are promethazine, codeine, or dextromethorphan. The combination of these substances (purple lean) with soda or alcohol satisfies their need for drug intoxication.

“Wiseacres” can also use codeine tablets that they mix with lean syrup. For drug preparation, addicts use dosages of substances that exceed the recommended doses, at least, several times.

Other Names of Lean

Like any other street drug, lean has many related names. Why is it important? Because when a person with an overdose enters the emergency room, it is important to know what exactly he has intoxication with in order to provide him with qualified assistance (effects of lean). Therefore, physicians should be familiar with all the names of this, unfortunately, extremely popular recently drug.

So, in addition to such well-known names as a purple drank and cough syrup lean, the drug substance lean is also called by addicted as:

  • sizzurp;
  • purple stuff;
  • lean;
  • drank;
  • barre;
  • Texas tea;
  • Memphis mud;
  • purple Sprite.

Also, it will not be superfluous to know these slang words for parents of adolescents. They can hear how their offspring uses the mentioned above names in their vocabulary and will know that they should sound the alarm as their child becomes a purple lean drink addict. Conscious parents will intervene and try to convince their child to end the abuse of this substance. If a teenager is not able to cope with lean addiction, there are special institutions that are designed to instruct addicts on the right path and get back to a normal life.

How to Make Lean?

“Aware means armed” – this is the famous proverb, so everyone should know how to prepare lean. For what? In order for a person who sees that someone is mixing cough syrup with a sprite or any other soda to understand that this does not bode well and it is strictly forbidden to try such a drink.

So, to prepare the lean syrup, addicts usually take a cure for the common cold, preferably cough syrup. The mixture should contain codeine, promethazine, or dextromethorphan in its composition. It is these components in large doses that produce the “getting high” effect that the addicts are chasing. The medicine is combined with the soda of any type, most often they use Sprite. Typically, candy is also added to this mixture of purple drank. You should not perceive “as if”  safe composition and a cool purple color without hesitation and carefree.

The best way to treat drug addiction, no matter how ridiculous it sounds, is simply not to start using intoxicating substances. Therefore, if you saw a purple drank, think twice before taking it.

What is Lean and How is it Side Effects? - 2

Common Side Effects of Lean

After the lean syrup, an addict feels pleasure and relaxation, he forgets about all his problems. The state of intoxication becomes so attractive and unusual that the patient can no longer refuse to drink a codeine lean cocktail. Mental and physical addiction develops. The appearance of such effects is explained by the lean ingredients (codeine, promethazine, or dextromethorphan lean).

This narcotic substance has a very adverse effect on the human body. As the addict increases the concentration of active substances with each successive time, the symptoms become more pronounced and may even lead to the death of a person. So, the main negative lean effects are:

  • feelings of euphoria;
  • hallucinations;
  • impaired vision;
  • fatigue;
  • headache;
  • dizziness;
  • memory loss;
  • blurred vision;
  • nausea;
  • vomiting;
  • constipation;
  • diarrhea.

Is there a Lean Addiction and How To Get Rid Of It?

There is no doubt that lean is highly addictive. A person ceases to control himself, constantly wants to use new doses of the drug, and what started as a fun game gradually turns into a nightmare. The patient begins to look bad, experiencing difficulties with the performance of everyday activities, there are problems with the study if this is a student. It is difficult for an addict to concentrate on anything; chills can break through him.

The qualified help of drug rehabs will best help cope with lean syrup addiction. Highly qualified specialists will help you to go through all stages of rehabilitation and return to normal life.


💉 Can lean (purple drank) cause addiction?

Yes, lean or “purple drank” is highly addictive. So it includes codeine and opioids, the use of which can lead to serious health problems.

🧪 How does lean work?

Lean creates a feeling of euphoria. It acts on your primary nervous system (CNS) and also slows down mental activity for a sedative effect. Lean is a drug, therefore, the use is dangerous to health.

📛 Is lean legal?

Distributing and selling Lean in the United States is illegal. And all its components can be obtained only by prescription. Also, drinking Lean can make you very addicted.

🛑 Why is lean so dangerous?

The most dangerous Lean is heavy addiction. The drugs that makeup Lean syrup is very dangerous to your health.

😷 What does lean do to with my body?

Lean Syrup is one of the most popular drugs. Your body will not change for the better. Lean destroys all organ cells. We do not recommend drinking Lean syrup.

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