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Get Qualified Help for Drug and Alcohol Abuse with Palmetto Drug Rehab Services.

Drug Rehab in Palmetto
Professional drug addiction treatment center designed in Palmetto, FL

Lighthouse Addiction Services is a professional center for treating addiction within patients who struggle from drug and alcohol abuse and rehabilitation facility that offers several services. This Palmetto drug rehab works on philosophically consistent approaches where experts use behavioral studies for counseling sessions. They proceed with various psychological interventions aimed to increase patients’ understanding of their addiction and to find the motivation to cut down bad habits. Besides, there are psychoeducational groups programs where therapists discuss the problems and help to understand the correct treatment. Along with that, after completing these group therapies, a patient can focus on healthy skills and improve his life for good.

The staff of a center is professional in medical and psychological fields. There are experts in child psychology for those who will undergo family treatment and addiction doctors who know how to overcome abuse and become a responsible member of the community and society.

Lighthouse Services for Addiction

Lighthouse Palmetto Center Rehab offers such services as Outpatient Rehabilitation, Outpatient Day treatment, or partial hospitalization for those who cannot handle the treatment on their own. For couples and families, there are also designated programs where they can undergo all the steps to sobriety together. Other services:

  • Anger Management. Learn how to transform your aggressive behavior into positive vibes. It lasts for 16 weeks aimed to identify the anger triggers and fix the consequences of such behavior. Tuesday 5:00 pm;
  • Relapse Prevention. Even after completing the treatment at Palmetto Drug Rehab, there is always support for patients who might feel to quit the sober life;
  • Aftercare/Continuing care;
  • Case Management;
  • Substance abuse assessment. For all types of controlled medications or narcotics and alcohol abuse. There are individual and group therapies. Monday 5:30 pm, and Tuesday at 7:00 pm;
  • Batterers Intervention program. 26 weeks for identifying and fighting the partner’s violence or anger. It helps to prevent domestic violence. Monday 6:30 pm;
  • Shoplifting Preventions. Saturdays from 9 am to 2:30 pm;
  • Drug or Alcohol Urine screening;
  • Discharge planning;
  • Social Skills Development;
  • Family psychoeducation.

For busy people who are still eager to fix their lives, a center offers a one-day class that will include several programs. They will be held in the educational format to address the problem and find a perfect solution.

The patients leave Palmetto Drug Rehab only after they can achieve full and lasting sobriety from their addictions.

Financial Matter of Drug Rehabilitation Center in Palmetto

Drug Addiction Specialist in Palmetto
Or Drug Addiction Specialist in Palmetto, FL

Lighthouse Palmetto Drug Rehab accepts major insurance plans, or there is cash or self-payment. Fees are mostly based on the income of an applicant and other factors discussed in person. Those who do not have insurance or have low paying capacity can still turn to the rehabilitation center for help. For enrolling in one of the programs or treatment, there will be an evaluation procedure required to create an individual personalized plan. If needed, a patient will pass testing or screening to detect the substances in his body. Besides, for admission to the center, an orientation group session will be organized to get acquainted with the steps and philosophy of drug rehab. For other inquiries, please call at 941-722-2747. 

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💯 What are the goals of the Palmetto drug rehabilitation center?

The main goal of the drug rehabilitation center in Palmetto is the complete recovery of patients. Also, an important objective is to provide the most comfortable conditions for patients.

💸 How much does treatment at the drug rehab center in Palmetto cost?

Treatment of addicts at the drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in Palmetto, FL depends on the condition of the patient who came to us. Each treatment program is individual, so if you want to know more accurate information, call 6575-95784-856. Or leave a request on our website.

🤗 What to expect at the Palmetto drug rehabilitation center?

Palmetto treatment center for Drug and Alcohol addicts provides better facilities and treatment programs in Florida. We guarantee quality drug rehab services and the creation of the most comfortable conditions for our patients.

How to pick the best drug rehab center at Palmetto, FL?

The choice of the best drug rehabilitation center in Palmetto largely depends on the quality of treatment and comfortable conditions. Before choosing, look at the reviews about the rehab facility that you noticed.

🙏 What to say to someone at the Palmetto drug rehab center?

At Palmetto Drug Rehab Center, patients should receive only words of support. It is very important for people undergoing rehabilitation to feel the warmth of others. For example, you can say: “I am proud of you” or “You are very brave that you decided to take this step.”

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