Everything You Need to Know About Meth

Published on: 1 June 2020
Everything You Need to Know About Meth

After the release of the series “Breaking Bad”, it is difficult to find a person who would not hear anything about meth and meth heads. But, not everyone understands how terrible this drug is and what monstrous consequences its use is fraught with. To detect people on meth will help tweaker eyes.

What is Meth?

Methamphetamine is a synthetic stimulant. It is a modification of amphetamine, which has a stronger and faster effect. People on meth also call the drug “crystal”, “ice”, etc. for its appearance resembling transparent glass or ice.

Methamphetamine is usually a bluish-white powder. It can also be sold in crystals similar to rock salt or crushed glass. Tweaker eyes become red after inhaling the powder through the nose, swallowed, or injected. The crystalline form is smoked. The action begins depending on the method of use after 30 seconds – 20 minutes and lasts 4-12 hours. People on meth will do anything to get another dose. To detect a meth addict, pay attention to tweaker eyes.

What does Meth Feel Like?

People on meth use it in different ways: the narcotic can be smoked, diluted with water and injected, or inhaled through the nose. After using this substance, it begins to seem to meth heads that he is very happy and can literally do anything. Activity increases, energy hits over the edge. The drug action lasts from six to eight hours, but some people catch a buzz all day, having distinct tweaker eyes. Most often, if people tried meth once, most want to repeat the experience and, soon, they become methamphetamine addicts – meth heads.

How Does Meth Affect the Body?

Methamphetamine causes the body to produce tremendous amounts of energy, so it quickly begins to become depleted. This leads to the fact that even very young meth heads look older than their age by many years. Their teeth can rot, wounds and skin rashes appear on the body, tweaker eyes show that people on meth are sick.

This is partly due to the fact that with systematic administration meth heads cease to experience hunger (which is why some use it for weight loss). And if the addict does not eat for a long time, he does not receive the necessary vitamins. As a result, the body becomes unstable to various diseases. Tweaker eyes will show that people on meth need help.

Also, people on meth may experience:

  • nausea;
  • hyperactivity;
  • serious sleep problems
  • tweaker eyes;
  • increased irritability.

Due to severe hallucinations and paranoia, a person begins to confuse sleep and reality, because of which he can suffer himself or harm relatives. Convulsions, panic, and psychosis are other side effects. The body of people on meth is constantly in tension, so, they can’t relax even in a dream. Tweaker eyes are important to monitor.

After many years of application, the destruction of nasal tissues begins, the liver, kidneys, and lungs fail. Many meth heads die from heart attacks and strokes, as the walls of blood vessels are completely destroyed. Methamphetamine destroys the brain so much that meth heads begin to behave and react to the world as if he were an old man with Alzheimer’s disease.

Therefore, people on meth should be treated only in drug rehabilitation centers. Tweaker eyes can never get rid of such dependence independently.

Can You Still Sleep on Meth?

Due to the fact that meth has an exciting effect on the central nervous system of the body of meth heads, one of the sure signs that an individual is sitting on meth is that he sleeps very little. There may also be an option that people on meth are asleep, but their sleep is restless, in a dream they can involuntarily move their arms or legs. Also, pay attention to tweaker eyes.

Over time, the situation will only get worse, due to exceptional toxicity, the drug literally corrodes the body from the inside, ulcers appear on the body and teeth rot (tweaker eyes). Met addiction is extremely strong, to cope with it on your own is not possible. People on meth should be placed in a special clinic where they will undergo a lengthy rehabilitation.

Meth Heads Before and After

Drug dependence is manifested in several ways. There are several signs of crystal meth use:

  • Increased nervous irritability. A person becomes strange, twitching. He feels an urgent need for movement. He constantly goes back and forth and cannot sit still. 
  • Sharp mood swings. Symptoms resemble the clinical picture of bipolar affective disorder. 
  • Decreased appetite. Meth heads don’t want to eat. The fact is that methamphetamine activates the breakdown of fats, accelerates the metabolism, and the process of decay of fats.
  • Sharp weight loss. Provided that the patient does not observe any special diet.
  • Trouble sleeping and insomnia. It is especially noticeable if meth heads live in the same apartment with his relatives. 
  • Narrowed pupils (pupils on methamphetamine). The reverse process is also possible when the pupils become too wide. It is characteristic that the patient does not see well in the dark and stumbles upon things, which is caused by a violation of the conductivity of light.
  • Hallucinations. As a rule, people on meth with experience know how to dissimulate. That is, to hide the productive symptoms of the pathological process, psychosis. In other cases, you must carefully monitor the alleged person on meth. There may be conversations with yourself and other oddities. It is important to pay close attention to this. Especially if there are other symptoms of the pathological process (tweaker eyes).

Say NO to Meth

Everything You Need to Know About Meth - 2

FloridaRehabExperts provides a full course of treatment for amphetamine, meth, and other drugs for people on meth. The Florida rehab experts know how to find an approach to any of the meth heads. Treatment is carried out in several directions:

  • Correction of the primary state, detoxification, and a return to a sober state.
  • Getting rid of withdrawal symptoms and tweaker eyes.
  • Recovery of all organs and systems after a narcotic substance.
  • Psychotherapy to teach a person to live differently.
  • Social adaptation of the meth heads.

The consequences of methamphetamine use are dangerous. It is necessary to begin treatment as soon as possible.


🤯 How can a tweaker look like normal?

A Tweaker may seem nominal only from far away. If you take a closer look, you will see that the movements of the tweaker are much faster than yours, just pay attention to the eyes of the tweaker – they will move very quickly.

🥛 Why do tweakers drink milk?

It’s all about calcium that is found in milk. He does not allow the tweaker body to fully absorb the meth. Milk is not a cure for meta addiction.

😷 Does meth use cause Cancer?

All people who use meth have a high risk of contracting cancer. One of the main reasons for this is a strong decrease in immunity in people using meth.

🤫 How to talk to a meth addict?

The main thing when dealing with a meth addict or a tweaker is not to disturb his emotional state. Always speak with these people in a calm and non-annoying voice.

🥵 Why do meth addicts get mouth sores?

Meth Mouth Sores are mainly due to the use of the smoking pipe. The tube becomes very hot and burns around the mouth and lips.

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