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Drug Rehab in Tampa FL
Professional drug addiction treatment center designed in Tampa, FL

Get a day/night treatment for your addiction to community housing or transitional living. This Tampa Rehabilitation Center offers a comprehensive solution to your abuse based on their unique motto Get Clean, Live Clean and Stay Clean. They have various programs to revive the patient’s strength, counseling that helps to show what is right and what is wrong. Already after a three to six-month course, you can see immense results and hope to live your life healthier.

Tampa Drug Rehab Treatment Programs

The day/night treatment with community housing in this Rehab Tampa fl is a program aimed to prepare the individuals for the outpatient treatment and to get skills required to fight once and forever the addiction and its withdrawal symptoms. It has four main modules that allow an individual to slowly transit to recovery and a clean condition. The first one is for group therapy where people with the same problem discuss the results and matters. It helps to analyze their addiction and find out the best solution. Patients practice meditation, goal setting or mapping, exercises. The second module Defense Identification is all about cutting down the mechanisms blocking the understanding of the harm caused by the addiction. The third one is for identifying false beliefs that make them live unhealthily. And, the last module of this Drug Rehab Tampa program is to create new targets and change behavior habits.

Note, the program is suitable for both young abusers and adult ones in such Drug Treatment Centers Tampa.

Three-phase program. It is created to find the path of sobriety. Case management, individual therapy, and practice. As a result, patients who underwent all three phases can live a refreshed and clean life and never go back to the addiction. If needed, the final stages of the programs deal with aftercare, so a person does not feel the desire to come back to that state.

Detox. Detoxification is a new program that will be soon available in the center. However, it is already a time-proven method of cleaning the organism from harmful substances. A doctor prescribes the duration of detox and a patient is monitored round-the-clock on the efficiency.

Kai Chi Do. It deals with meditation treatment. This activity is organized in groups and works perfectly on cutting down the anxiety and depression in patients.

Wellness programs. Massages, physical therapy, acupuncture, yoga and many more. These Drug Rehab Tampa programs are mostly for those who are almost done with their treatment and want to finalize their new appearance.

Family programs. Every Friday from 1 pm to 3 pm families can visit this class to discuss the effect of alcohol and drugs on family units. Find out the importance of education and learn success examples of other parents. Learn to trust and forgive.

Admission Info of the Tampa Drug Rehab Center

Drug Addiction Specialist in Tampa FL
Our Addiction Specialist in Tampa, FL

The Drug Rehab Tampa programs can be covered with insurances such as Aetna, Anthem, Cigna, Florida Blue, Humana and so on. Otherwise, using financing plans or self-pay payment options. For joining one of the services or treatment, it is necessary to contact them via their interaction channels. 


The price of treatment in Drug Rehab Tampa FL depends on the type of treatment. Everything is individual.
It all depends on the type of treatment that suits you. The duration of treatment varies from one month to several months.
Relatives and close people can visit a patient who is being treated in Drug Rehab Tampa FL.
Drug Rehab Tampa FL employs professionals who will help you cope with your addiction in the most suitable way for you.
Drug rehab Tampa FL is located in Florida at Lot 12 Tampa, FL 33613, USA.

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