Functional Rehabilitation: Function and Benefits

If you’ve suffered from a back injury or undergone spinal surgery and you want to regain your previous level of strength, coordination, and flexibility. Start a functional rehabilitation program because that will work best for this kind of issue.


Its Function

In this type of physical therapy procedure, the physical therapist evaluates your posture, reflexes,  balance, muscle control, and body stabilization while in both resting and motion to determine your present degree of function. You undergo examinations to determine your joints’ range of motion and any flaws or limitations that might have led to the initial injury.


Its Benefits

Functional rehabilitation has several advantages, the first evident of its benefit is greater muscle memory as a result of the usage of repetitive, effective activities. It improves endurance because it helps during strenuous activities such weightlifting or running while also enhancing cardiovascular endurance. Moreover, engages the core to assist in keeping the spine in good alignment, which will improve your posture and balance.Also, it increases flexibility through muscle retraining, which lowers the risk of reinjury while also lowering pain and discomfort. Lastly, less joint discomfort as a result of joint strengthening and prevention of overuse, which reduces pain and restores joint mobility.