Obesity Rehab Management – Preventive Measure Against Degrading Quality of Life

The CDC continues to highlight obesity as a worsening health problem during the past decades, not only in the United States but also in other countries. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, blames obesity a health issue that has been degrading the quality of life of those affected. Severe cases of obesity actually require rehab management to prevent the condition from degrading quality of life.

In 2017 up to 2018, the centre reported that almost 42% of US adults were diagnosed as obese, which caused the statistics from eight years ago to increase by around 11%. The CDC warns that related studies have already proven that obese individuals are more at risk of becoming disabled as a result of impaired health conditions, when compared to those who are below the obesity level.

How Obesity Degrades Quality of Life

Cases of severe obesity require patients to stay in the hospital and go through rehab management. They have reached a point when they need supervision in learning about eating healthy nutritious foods and on how to lessen their caloric intakes by increasing their exercise regimen.

Physicians known as physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R) medical professionals help obese patients by educating, training, and mobilizing them, as well as manage related pain in order to improve their quality of life. PM&R physicians utilize weight management tools and physical interventions alongside a team of psychologists, physical and occupational therapists, and registered dieticians to make changes in medication, and prescribe adaptive equipment. Holistic methods are also used by PM&R physicians for weight loss, including acupuncture, dietary adjustments, and/or supplements.

Weight Loss Pills as Aid to Rehab Management

While weight loss supplements have flooded the market as offers of ultimate solution to people who are increasingly growing obese, a new supplement called Exipure has been noted to offer a different solution.

Weight loss reviews about the efficiency of Exipure give particular attention to how the pill speeds up metabolism by increasing the body’s brown adipose tissues (BAT). This type of fat cells do not store fat but instead butn them as part of the energy-giving thermogenic process.

However, obese incidividuals tend to have more white adipose tissues, composed of fat cells whose main function is to store fat that can be supplied when the body engages in activities that require increased energy. The problem however is that most obese people have sedentary lifestyles that do not promote the burning of calories stored by the white fat cells. ,

Now the thing that makes Exipure’s weight loss strategy efficient is that its formulation is into converting white fat cells into becoming BAT that automatically burns via the thermogenic process.

Most Common Causes of Obesity

Aside from genetic factors, obesity can also be an aftermath of inactivity, stress, chronic pain, lack of exercise, and overeating. Other risk factors of obesity include low self-esteem, too much processed foods and alcohol, stop from smoking, and excessive screen time.

Some health conditions and diseases can also be a factor to obesity such as spinal cord injuries, hypothyrodism, and particular autoimmune diseases. Use of psychiatric medications and long-term also contribute to obesity.

Socioeconomic factors also contribute to obesity as poor and underserved communities have limited access to healthy and nutritious foods. This can generate conditions that encourages chronic obesity to develop among individuals.